Flash Rom Deodex Samsung Galaxy SM A520F DS A5 2017

If you want to modify the android system, you must change the odex to deodex because it will increase your device performance
and will allow you to set up customize kernel. and to flash the deodex rom that I built, you have to use the same base firmware

The difference between customize rom and deodex rom

Customize rom is the overall modification result from android rom by directly inserting some features that are considered feasible to increase the device performance. Is achieved by setting up the customized kernel and removing bloatware app.

Deodex rom is process of returning a .dex file that was previously optimized (.odex) to a .dex file. This process will take the ODEX cache and then rearrange it into APK files.

Enable OEM unlock

Before flashing deodex rom Samsung Galaxy SM A520F DS, you must first enable OEM that is located in the setting to get access device modification. For android oreo version or higher, a different method must be used Because Samsung hides the settings to enable OEM.

RMM STATE Prenormal

RMM is a Remote Monitoring and Management, which means the users are unable to get access to root on their device. Through this way, Samsung prevents the users to modify or install deodex rom for security system reason.

FRP Lock

FRP Lock is a factory reset protection that functions to secure the device when lost. With this feature, you can easily erase all data remotely and lock the device.

Disable encryption data protection

to modify the android system, you have to disable encryption data built by Samsung, by disabling encryption data, you can flash the Deodex ROM or install the Module Magisk Systemless so that the modification work smoothly

Feature Requirements
Full Deodex Rom Firmware Samsung Galaxy SM A520F DS A5 2017
Remove Bloatware Install TWRP recovery Samsung SM A520F DS
Remove Samsung Knox Disable signature Samsung Galaxy SM A520F DS
Zipalign apk Disable data encryption protection
Tweak Samsung Root Magisk Systemless
How to flash Rom Deodex Samsung Galaxy SM A520F DS A5 2017
  • Save the deodex rom of Samsung SM A520F DS and Magisk Systemless to the external memory or OTG flash drive
  • Switch off the device and go to Twrp recovery
  • Format data using Twrp recovery
  • Flash rom deodex Samsung Galaxy SM A520F DS A5 2017
  • Flash Magisk Systemless
  • Flash Disable signature Samsung Galaxy SM A520F DS
  • Flash No-verity-opt-encrypt (Android Oreo and above)
  • Reboot system
  • Waiting Process Rom Deodex 10 to 20 Minutes
  • Done

Country PDA Android Download
Indonesia (XID) A520FXXU8CSC1 8.0.0 Drive
Indonesia (XID) A520FXXU7CRHA 8.0.0 Drive
Indonesia (XID) A520FXXU4BRB1 7.0 Drive
Indonesia (XID) A520FXXU1AQE5 6.0.1 Drive
Singapore (XSP) A520FXXU4BRA8 7.0 Drive

4 Responses to "ROM DEODEX SAMSUNG A520F DS"

  1. Um, tolong buatin ROM DEODEX "PDA : A520FXXSBCSJ2" dong!
    Sekalian sama Smali Patcher yg terbaru ya.. :) Makasih

  2. Malam Om Please help di buatin dong Om rom deodexnya buat Ojol A520FXXSECTD7/A520FOLEECTD7
    Makasih yah Om semoga sehat selalu

  3. Tolong di update gan . Rom deodex nya yang terbaru PDA: a520fxxsfctg9

  4. maaf min mau tanya setelah saya instal/flash rom samsung A5 2017 A520FXXU4BRB1 nouget sinyal dan no emai hilang itu kenapa ya adakah file tambahanya lagi...
    apakah tidak bisa downgrate setelah naik di os OREO turun ke NOUGET
    terimakasih semoga di respon....


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