Here I will share the firmware of the Samsung Galaxy SM-G9600 or Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung firmware functions to flash the device when it is in trouble and fix it to its original condition
or you can also update the device manually by downloading the Samsung Galaxy SM-G9600 firmware or the Samsung Galaxy S9 and flash using Odin
don't forget to back up data because this will delete all files in the internal memory

How to flash Firmware Samsung Galaxy SM-G9600 S9

Open Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Turn off your Samsung device

Then press the volume button Down + Home + Power simultaneously

After in download mode, connect your mobile to PC Using a USB cable

Odin will detect your device and the BLUE box will appear with the COM port number

If the firmware has one file, select the BL column, wait until the firmware scanning process is complete

And if the firmware contains four files, enter each in the BL AP CP CSC column, wait until the firmware scanning process is complete

Click the start button, wait for Odin to say 'PASS' in the GREEN box. After Flashing is complete, your device will reboot, and you can disconnect the USB cable from your device


Samsung Galaxy G9600 S9 Firmware Update in the same post
Country Product Android PDA Download
Argentina ANC 8.0.0 G9600ZHU2ARF4 Drive
Argentina ARO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Argentina (Claro) CTI 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Argentina (Movistar) UFN 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Argentina (Personal) PSN 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Bolivia BVO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Brazil ZTO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Brazil (Claro) ZTA 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Brazil (Oi) ZTR 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Brazil (TIM) ZTM 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARJ2 Drive
Brazil (VIVO) ZVV 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Chile CRC 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Chile CHO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Chile (Claro) CHL 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK6 Drive
Chile (Entel PCS) CHE 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARH4 Drive
Chile (Nextel) CHX 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARJ2 Drive
Chile (Telefonica) CHT 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Chile (VTR) CHV 8.0.0 G9600ZHU2ARF4 Drive
China (Open China) CHC 8.0.0 G9600ZCS3ARL2 Drive
Colombia COL 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Colombia COO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Colombia (Comcel) COM 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Colombia (Movistar) COB 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Costa Rica ICE 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Dominican Republic CDR 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Dominican Republic (Orange) DOR 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK7 Drive
Ecuador EBE 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARJ1 Drive
Ecuador ECO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Ecuador (Alegro) ALE 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARH4 Drive
Guatemala TGU 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Guatemala PGU 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Guatemala (Tigo) CGU 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARL2 Drive
Hong Kong TGY 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARL7 Drive
Jamaica CWW 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK7 Drive
Jamaica JDI 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARH4 Drive
Mexico UNE 8.0.0 G9600ZHU1ARBG Drive
Mexico IUS 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARJ1 Drive
Mexico (Movistar) TMM 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARK3 Drive
Mexico (Telcel) TCE 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Panama TPA 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Panama PBS 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARL1 Drive
Panama (Cable & Wireless) PCW 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Panama (Claro) CPA 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Paraguay UPO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Paraguay (Claro) CTP 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Paraguay (Personal) PSP 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Paraguay (Tigo) TGP 8.0.0 G9600ZHU3ARI4 Drive
Peru PET 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Peru PEO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Peru (Nextel) PNT 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK7 Drive
Peru (SAM) SAM 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Puerto Rico PCT 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
South America (Moviestar) CRM 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
South America (Open Line) NBS 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK7 Drive
Trinidad and Tobago EON 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Trinidad and Tobago TTT 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Unknown MXO 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ASA1 Drive
Unknown BVT 8.0.0 G9600ZHU2ARF4 Drive
Unknown BVE 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK7 Drive
Unknown BAT 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK7 Drive
Uruguay UFU 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive
Uruguay (Claro) CTU 8.0.0 G9600ZHS3ARK5 Drive

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