Samsung has just released its latest device with the name Samsung Galaxy SM-M105G or Samsung Galaxy M10
here I am not discussing the specifications or performance of the Samsung Galaxy M10 device
because I will only share the firmware of the Samsung Galaxy SM-M105G which serves to repair the device when a problem occurs or manually update by downloading the Samsung Galaxy SM-M105G firmware and flash it via Samsung Odin

How to flash Firmware Samsung Galaxy SM-M105G M10
  • Open Samsung Odin 3.13.1
  • Turn off your Samsung device
  • Then press the volume button Down + Home + Power simultaneously
  • After download mode, connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable
  • odin will detect the device and the BLUE box will appear with the COM port number
  • If the firmware has one file, select the BL column and wait until the firmware scanning process is complete
  • If the firmware contains four files, enter each in the BL AP CP CSC column and wait until the firmware scanning process is complete
  • Click the start button and wait for Odin to say 'PASS' in the GREEN box. Once the flash is complete, the device will reboot and can disconnect the USB cable from the device
  • Done

Country Product Android PDA Download
Egypt EGY 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
Indonesia XID 9 M105GDXU1BSF7 Drive
Iraq MID 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
Malaysia XME 9 M105GDXU1BSF7 Drive
Morocco MWD 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
Russia SER 9 M105GPUU1BSF2 Drive
Saudi Arabia KSA 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
Turkey TUR 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
Ukraine (Kyivstar)SEK 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
United Arab Emirates LYS 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
United Arab Emirates XSG 9 M105GDXU1BSF6 Drive
Vietnam XEV 9 M105GDXU1BSF7 Drive
Vietnam XXV 9 M105GDXU1BSF7 Drive

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