Disable signature verification Samsung Galaxy

Disable signature verification Samsung Galaxy

Install Disable signature verification Samsung Galaxy

Now I will share Disable signature verification for all types of Samsung Galaxy devices
but before installing Disable signature verification, your device must use rom deodex

Benefits Disable Signature Verification

The function of Disable signature verification is to avoid problems when the modified application remains installed on the Android system
it is very crucial to Disable signature verification if you are changing an android application

Modules Magisk Systemless and Xposed Modules

Magisk and Xposed have different Modules that can do installed together, but it is better to use a Modules Magisk Systemless, there is no problem if you want to use both Modules and To Disable signature verification, the device must have rooted using Magisk Systemless because this is a Modules that only can be used together with Magisk Systemless

  • Rom Deodex Samsung
  • Magisk Systemless
  • Samsung Twrp Recovery

  • Mock locations - Hide mock locations status, allowing apps like Pokemon GO to treat them as genuine location updates.
  • Secure flag - Allow screenshots/screensharing in secure apps.
  • Signature verification - Disable signature verification allowing modification/execution of signed system apps.
  • Signature spoofing - Enable signature spoofing app permission.
  • Magisk reboot (Galaxy S10) - Reboot directly back into magisk from powermenu.
  • High volume warning - Disable high volume popup dialog.

How to install disable signature Samsung Galaxy
  • Press the volume up + home + power simultaneously until entering Twrp recovery
  • install disable signature
  • Reboot
  • Done

Country Model Android PDA Version Download
Indonesia (XID) SM-M205G 8.1.0 M205GDXU1ASC1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J610F 8.1.0 J610FXXU1ASA4 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J510FN 7.1.1 J510FNXXU2BRB1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J415F 8.1.0 J415FXXU1ARIM V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J320G 5.1.1 J320GXXU0APC1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A710FD 7.0 A710FXXU2CRC2 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A510FD 7.0 A510FXXS7CRL3 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A520F 6.0.1 A520FXXU1AQE5 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A520F 7.0 A520FXXU4BRB1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A520F 8.0.0 A520FXXU7CRHA V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J320G 5.1.1 J320GXXS0AQL2 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-G920F 7.0 G920FXXS5ERAC V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-G930FD 7.0 G930FXXS2DRAB V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J500G 6.0.1 J500GXXU1BQE1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-G935FD 7.0 G935FXXS2DRAB V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A530F 7.1.1 A530FXXU1AQLC V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J730G 7.0 J730GDXU3ARB1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J730G 7.0 J730GOLE4ARF5 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J710FN 7.0 J710FXXU4BRB2 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J710FN 8.1.0 J710FXXU5CRJ7 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-G532G 6.0.1 G532GDXU1AQI2 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-G532G 6.0.1 G532GDXU1ARH1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A720F 7.0 A720FXXU3BRBA V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-A720F 8.0.0 A720FXXU5CRH3 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-G925F 7.0 G925FXXS5ERAC V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J701F 7.0 J701FXXU5ARG1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J106B 6.0.1 J106BDSS0ARF1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J330G 7.0 J330GDXU3ARD1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J250F 7.1.1 J250FDXU2ARD3 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J250F 7.1.1 J250FDXS2ARF4 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-G600FY 5.1.1 G600FYXXU1APF1 V5.5 Drive
Indonesia (XID) SM-J530Y 7.0 J530YDXU3ARD1 V5.5 Drive
India (INS) SM-J120G 5.1.1 J120GDDU2ARC2 V5.5 Drive

47 Responses to "Disable signature verification Samsung Galaxy"

  1. Bos buat samsung J415FXXUIARK4 ga ada ya

    1. Nanti saya buatkan um kalau uda saya kasih pemberitahuan ya

  2. Om, tolong update ke v5.2
    buat SM-J320G (J320GXXS0AQL2)

  3. Utk SM-C710F/DS blum ada ya,om??

  4. Bang perbarui donk sm-g532g (G532GDXU1ASA5)

  5. install via root xplorer bisa gak ?

    1. Gak bisa um soalnya ini buat root yang pake magisk bukan supersu

  6. Untuk SM-J510FN nya mana broo? mau dongg, thx.

  7. Um, tolong di update ke v5.5
    buat SM-J320G (J320GXXS0AQL2)
    Makasih :)

  8. Mas bro, untuk SM-J610F (J610FXXU1ASA4) pakai yg mana ya ??

  9. Uda saya update versi terbaru silahkan download

  10. untuk SM-A600G DS A6 2018

  11. Um, tolong di update lg ke v6.0
    buat SM-J320G (J320GXXS0AQL2)
    Makasih :)

  12. Buat samsung a205f A205FXXU2ASFB dong om. Pleaseee..

    1. Nanti um ya soalnya masih repot bolak balik Rumah sakit

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Siap om. Mohon maaf aku gak tau. Semoga cepat sembuh. Amin

  15. Bang j4+ pie ga ada yg j415fxxu4bsf6 soalnya klo downgrade oreo yg tercantum di atas ga bisa

  16. yg buat SM-G532G (G532GDXU1ASA5) mana min?

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  19. Please bung. For Galaxy J105F/DS 4G LTE


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