Twrp Recovery Samsung Galaxy

Twrp Recovery Samsung Galaxy

Install Twrp recovery for Samsung Galaxy devices

Twrp Recovery works to install Custom ROM or back up Android ROM stock and install root on Samsung devices
there are so many benefits when installing Twrp recovery, but you have to be prepared with all the risks if a device problem occurs

Samsung device types support Twrp recovery

All Samsung Galaxy devices can install Twrp recovery if the developer builds a Twrp recovery and share it, but you have to see the code name of the Device because Samsung devices have different code names in each country.

Difference between Twrp recovery and CWM recovery

if you are android users, of course, you have heard of cwm recovery
the cwm recovery and Twrp recovery functions are the same, but the Twrp recovery has an attractive appearance and also some better features

How to update Twrp recovery

the released Twrp recovery has a different version, and if you want to update the android version you have to reinstall the Twrp recovery and if that doesn't work for the latest android version you have to do the Twrp recovery update
of course, you should contact the developer who built the Twrp recovery for your device

  • Odin Samsung 3.13.1
  • Samsung driver
  • Enable OEM Unlock

How to install Twrp recovery Samsung
  • Turn off your device
  • Enter download mode
  • Press volume down + home + power simultaneously
  • Insert the Samsung USB cable into your device Odin will detect if the device is connected
  • Enter the downloaded twrp recovery into the AP box, uncheck the automatic reboot
  • If you get a PASS message via odin means the twrp recovery has been installed and disconnect the usb cable from the device
  • Then press the volume down + home + power simultaneously and the device will restart
  • You must immediately press volume up + home + power until you enter twrp recovery
  • Done

Model Download
SM-G570Y Drive
SM-G610F Drive
SM-J510FN Drive
SM-A530F Drive
SM-G935FD Drive
SM-J500G Drive
SM-G930FD Drive
SM-G920F Drive
SM-J320G Drive
SM-G925F Drive
SM-G532G DS Drive
SM-J710FN Drive
SM-J730G DS Drive
SM-J250F Drive
SM-J330G Drive
SM-J106B DS Drive

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